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Money and profile are not my indicators of success

Here's another woman whose advice I wont be paying much attention to. Her name is Samantha Ettus and I only know she exists because I read an article about her yesterday which probably gave her all the exposure she wanted. She clearly writes to alienate, in fact she quite smugly suggested she’s already getting hate mail and the book she’s written isn’t even out. Goals. … [Read More...]

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Here’s a great way to ruin your child’s digital footprint. And their self esteem

Let me tell you something about living with teenagers; it’s Hormone City and that place is not always packed with sunshine and happy times. Teens are moody and … [Read More...]

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Does it matter if Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke look beautiful or not?

The newly released images of Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke are absolutely awesome – in fact they make up what is probably the best underwear campaign I can remember … [Read More...]

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Motherhood guilt is a sickness

It’s a long time since I’ve been consumed with guilt by my own parenting. In fact many a month has passed since I have been tied up in knots of self-reproach and it’s been quite liberating. Admittedly it’s much easier to escape guilt when your child is a teenager and you aren’t invested in the […]

Is Facebook causing us to disconnect from people?

You have to have a tough skin to write for a big online audience. The feedback is often as brutal as it is swift. But I don’t have a tough skin, in fact my skin is practically transparent it’s so flimsy. But, along with my delicate (and wrinkled) skin, I have strong opinions and so […]

I’m taking my parenting advice from the police

Just when I thought my days as a helicopter mother were over the police have informed me that I should continue. And I am nothing if not law abiding. As far as labels go I never had a problem with “helicopter parent”. I know it’s got a bad rap in the press and I’m sure […]

Is this really what we want to teach our kids?

Yesterday I saw an absolutely terrible contract that was supposedly written by an 8th grader to her boyfriend. It was a contract that I have seen described as “cute” “hilarious” and “the best thing ever” in various media outlets. I describe it as frightening, harrowing and indicative of some real problems. Hopefully soon I will […]

Why do men think women want pictures of their bits?

There are some things I don’t think I’ll ever get, like maths, coriander and dick pics. And while I am happy enough to live a life with maths and coriander, I don’t believe anyone should have to put up with unsolicited pictures of someone’s manhood. The whole thing came to a head (yes, I know) […]

It’s a down down? No, it’s just a downer

I am not a big TV watcher, my attention span doesn’t allow it and nor does my husband. Not that he doesn’t physically allow it but lord, he really likes to watch stuff that has no appeal to me and I couldn’t be bothered arguing with him or taking the remote control off him. The […]