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Knowing stuff doesn’t make you smart. Or does it?

My husband is the smartest person I know. Not just because he knows a lot of facts (and boy does he know a lot of facts) but also because he's compassionate and kind and generous and he has the second best sense of humour in the marriage. I forgot to mention him in the video I made with Kerri yesterday because I am not as smart as he is.  But I hope I get across the real … [Read More...]

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beautiful mind

I am reminded of this every day but there seems little I can do

“The voices that he hears are processed in the same part of the brain that processes the sounds you hear” said the man from the Schizophrenia Fellowship to me on the … [Read More...]

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I cannot believe this woman suffers from Imposter Syndrome

I had been experiencing a bit of a reading drought until late last year, I had become so absorbed in candy crush studying and so used to getting myself lost in an … [Read More...]

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Princess Charlotte

Apparently people with servants cannot be “proper” mothers

I might be sounding like a Royal apologist or even a great lover and admirer of the Royal family soon, it seems I can’t stop writing about them or defending them. I wrote a piece recently for Kidspot in favour of the Duchess of Cambridge before she had her baby and I wrote a rant […]

ugly child

#5minutes with Kerri and Lana : The Ugly Child Edition

Recently there was a post on Reddit from a woman who wrote saying that she was aware that her child was ugly or, er not conventionally attractive. Kerri wrote a post about it on Essential Kids and caused a few people to say things that were quite ugly or, er not conventionally attractive. We chatted […]


#5minutes with Kerri and Lana: The Compassion Edition

Today felt sombre and heavy. It was a sad day. A day of mourning and compassion. Not just for Andrew Chan and Muyaran Sukumaran, not just for the people of Nepal. Kerri and I chatted about Andrew, Muyaran, Nepal, Kerri’s knee, compassion and much more. Tell us what you think.

domestic violence

This is what they need to be learning at school

It’s become almost just words now we hear it so often. 31 women killed in Australia this year, 32 women killed in Australia this year – and now we are at 33. April has not yet ended. It’s not the total amount of women that have died in Australia, it’s not the number of people […]

Mentally ill or evil

Mentally ill or evil?

I am no Pollyanna, everyone who knows me knows that . I am the master of thinking of and fearing the worst possible scenario in my head, I am a nervous worrier and I often experience hideous anxiety. Especially when I watch the news. Or listen to people talk about the world. Because of this […]


What I wish you knew about teachers

In a previous life, many incarnations of Lana ago, I was a primary school teacher. Not a “big school” teacher but an infants teacher – I loved (still do) little children and could think of no finer way to get paid then to spend all day with small kids. Young kids are so much less […]