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son in the centre

Child at the centre and husband at the side

This weekend my husband and I had Saturday and Sunday nights to ourselves, in fact we've had a lot of time without our son recently. Now that he is a teen with the social skills of a talk show host and a social calendar to match, he seems to be out more than he is in. And when he’s in he’s more than likely to be found swamped by friends. It takes a bit of getting used … [Read More...]

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I could never take on this job

When I was younger, (much, much, much younger) I was completely in love with Princesses Stephanie and Caroline of Monaco. Possibly “in love” is the wrong phrase … [Read More...]

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break free

The festival of breaking free

Right now, all over the world Jews are celebrating the festival of Passover (or Pesach). Passover commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in … [Read More...]

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upside down teenager

Adolescence tries to steal the good natured human that was once my son…but he wins

It is the beginning of the school holidays. Sadly it’s also the beginning of adolescence in our family and my son is acting like he’s been mainlining testosterone with added shots of attitude. It’s not pretty. It’s at times like this that my cheery positive attitude (said with only a hint of irony) tells me [...]


A “Frozen” lesson in the Jewish festival of Passover (it’s way funnier than it sounds)

I have seen so many different versions of the songs from Frozen that I was actually forced to see the movie. And it was very cute. But I think this version that ties in the Jewish festival of Passover is by far the cleverest… The Huffington Post reports “Jewish acapella group Six13 is celebrating “our [...]


When you are involved in a random act of kindness… anything can happen

I was sitting in a café late on Friday afternoon talking to my beautiful friend Fiona. I was grumpy though, I hadn’t been sleeping very well and the medication I am taking for one of my various ailments, which you can just summarise as ageing, was making me feel nauseous. For weeks now I’ve been [...]

sharpest pencil week

Sad, glad and thoughtful

It’s been such a super quick week this week that I kind of forgot to update my blog.  Technically I have two excuses 1. I had a colonoscopy this week and so tried to pretend that two days this week did not exist 2. I have been writing every day for Kidspot (and loving it) [...]


I’m moving!

I really love my house. And so does everybody else who comes to visit (although maybe they ‘re just being polite when they say that).  Even though I loved it when we first moved in, we renovated about three years ago and I adored it even more.  We chose the tiles that we liked, built [...]

sad bad

Sad and glad. Again

Last week I started a long-standing tradition on my blog, okay maybe it’s not REALLY long standing because it started last week, but admit “long-standing” sounds more impressive. This is the post where I talk about what’s had me thinking, what made me glad and what’s made me sad. And then I implore you to [...]