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painted Barbie with nail polish

Is watching this little girl a bit of fun or is it an invasion of her privacy?

My maternal instinct is switched to overload which makes me a sucker for other people’s babies and toddlers (I‘m smart enough to know that it is easier to ooh and ahh over someone else’s kids who you just see in short spurts). In fact, I've  found recently, it’s even easier to get sentimental and mushy over kids in TV ads and YouTube videos, plus there is the added benefit of … [Read More...]

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no selfie

Cate Blanchett and I do not understand the selfie

As I approach my 198th year I spend a lot more time wondering why people behave the way they do. I like to think I’m a late blooming quasi-anthropologist whereas, in … [Read More...]

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Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 5.53.30 pm

From the waters of Waikiki to the offices of Kingsford Smith

Last week I was bobbing around the Pacific Ocean in the most perfect azure waters you can imagine. There were no waves, just perfect swells in the ocean that passed … [Read More...]

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Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.18.57 pm

Travel 101: Don’t be fooled into thinking Australia is close to anywhere

When you are mid flight between Sydney and  Honolulu you would be forgiven for thinking you may never sleep or smile again. You are also forgiven for trying not to think of ways to extract revenge on the people who assured you it’s not a long flight. Leaving Australia is always a long flight. When […]


The 8 podcasts you want to listen to

“You can no longer read in the bath” my doctor said, his words ripping through my very soul. “you’re straining your neck and that’s what’s causing that pain and tingling down your arm”. There would have been a time in my life where I would have ignored him and taken all the codeine with a […]

anxiety beast

To the anxiety beast in my head…

My anxiety is a tricky beast. It’s aware I would never invite it in so it just appears and then stabs me  repeatedly in the chest area to remind me of its existence. My anxiety beast loves change almost as much as I hate it. Whenever there is a slight whiff of change in the air […]

Go home old people

Let’s change ALL the supermarket shopping rules

You’ll be thrilled to know that a delightful woman by the name of Beverly Macca has taken the time to write to her local newspaper. I know nothing about Beverly other than she works from nine to five so she is very busy and important. Mind you after reading her letter I also know that […]

butterfly in my email

There’s a butterfly in my email

I’m not the kind of person who likes practical jokes, in fact I hate them. I think Australia’s Funniest Home Videos is cruel and I get very uncomfortable when people are being pranked– even if everyone is aware it’s a joke. I think I get it from my mother who once told me that when […]

First day back at work. Been in the room

Ever posted something on Facebook that you regret?

Just last week it was reported that Facebook had one billion active users in a day. One billion people logged onto a social media platform to catch up with family and friends, play Candy Crush or connect in some other way. It’s become so much a way of life that I’m guessing a high percentage of […]