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Why teenagers are better than toddlers: the baking edition

I always thought I would be the mother in the Disney movie remake of real life. Not the evil witch mother but the caring, nurturing, play on the floor and bake cookies kind of mother. I loved children long before I had my own and after enduring a childhood fairy tales most definitely aren’t based on, I had it firmly in my mind that I would make my child’s life magical and … [Read More...]

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Chocolate chip cookie goal achieved

I have been trying for a long time to perfect the chocolate chip cookie, yeah I know, lofty goals. Anyway I am happy to admit that I may have indeed got there, … [Read More...]

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Do you want the weekend off from your kids?

Rachael Finch is making headlines today for comments that she made in Sunday Style magazine. The Herald Sun reports On weekends, from Friday afternoon until Sunday … [Read More...]

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Mums can be sexy, but sexy doesn’t have to look like a centre fold

I’ve long subscribed to the belief that women over 50 should dress any way they like. After fifty years of dressing and a lifetime of being told how to act, how to dress and how to speak, there comes a time when you should be able to dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable. But […]

The day I decided to burn my diary

I sat up in the middle of the night last night with an urgent desire to go downstairs and rummage in the garage to find an old diary. I didn’t want to look what was inside or be reminded of what I had written, I just wanted to destroy it. Given that one of my […]

Omid and the people behind the story

It’s not often you cry in the opening minutes of a meeting. But then it’s not often you get to hear stories that pierce your heart has you sit poised to work out strategy. Yesterday I sat in the lounge room of one of the amazing women who convene the Sydney Mums 4 Refugees Working […]

Dear PR Company…

On any given day I would receive tens of emails (can you tell that I am not exaggerating here – just being honest?). Many of them are from PR companies. Lovely, hard working people who work in public relations and are “just doing their job”. The problem is that most times doing their jobs is […]

I slept on my own last night. It was tough

It finally happened, last night I slept alone in my bed and it was awful. I watched the entire series of The Katering Show on IView followed by the whole series of When I Get A Minute. When I started thinking of writing in to tell Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabbe I preferred them on […]

Come home or I’ll sue you

The fundamental problem with getting children to appreciate their parents is that by the time kids fully understand everything their mother and father have done for them they are parents themselves. And by that time they are often too busy/exhausted/forgetful to do anything about it. When we are children we take the loving care of […]