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Omid and the people behind the story

It's not often you cry in the opening minutes of a meeting. But then it's not often you get to hear stories that pierce your heart has you sit poised to work out strategy. Yesterday I sat in the lounge room of one of the amazing women who convene the Sydney Mums 4 Refugees Working Group. It was the first meeting of this group I’d been able to attend and I wasn't sure what to … [Read More...]

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Dear PR Company…

On any given day I would receive tens of emails (can you tell that I am not exaggerating here – just being honest?). Many of them are from PR companies. Lovely, hard … [Read More...]

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I slept on my own last night. It was tough

It finally happened, last night I slept alone in my bed and it was awful. I watched the entire series of The Katering Show on IView followed by the whole series of … [Read More...]

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Come home or I’ll sue you

The fundamental problem with getting children to appreciate their parents is that by the time kids fully understand everything their mother and father have done for them they are parents themselves. And by that time they are often too busy/exhausted/forgetful to do anything about it. When we are children we take the loving care of […]

Would you want your son singing this song? Joining this group?

Trigger: Hideous misogynist song lyrics As my son progresses into his teens our talk as parents has moved from issues like extra curricular activities and braces to scary things like alcohol and parties. It’s a reality we have to confront; however much we preach abstinence and think “not my child”, it’s happening. And even though […]

The 8 types of recipe trolls

Quite by chance I have come across a well of unexpected angst in a corner of the web I thought was reserved for foodies or hungry people. This angst, often manifested as anger, It’s literally bubbling away in online recipes. Yes, simple solutions for dinner are the new heartland of irate commenters. This shouldn’t have […]

Passing on life’s important lessons

There is a nine-year old girl making news right now for er, breaking news. She’s just nine and she wants to be a reporter. Recently she reported from outside the scene of a murder where she interviewed the police and the neighbours. There is a whole lot of grief out there about this young girl […]

How not to talk to strangers at parties

The other day I went to a function where I knew no one other than the host. This doesn’t happen to me very often, not because I know so many people, but because I say no to going out a lot. I am an introvert in real life, not just an introvert but a shy […]

“Don’t post anything about me on social media without asking me first”

The other day my 15-year old son asked me for a photo of some biscuits that I had butchered instead of baking. Let’s just say they looked nothing like the picture in the recipe, in fact they looked nothing like biscuits. I was curious as to the reason he wanted this photo – was he now […]