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I was unkind and it came back to bite me

  I write this blog with my head hung low while still flushing with the red hot embarrsment I encountered earlier this morning. It was bad. I was unkind and it came back to bite me. Let me set the scene. A while ago we ordered some very expensive garden furniture which seemed to be handmade by elves - not only because of the cost (and beauty) but because it … [Read More...]

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body pump class

The story of my incredible pain

Yesterday morning I woke up with no real aches and pains to speak of - which is quite fortunate at my age. Also quite rare. It was good but there was a nagging voice … [Read More...]

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Lego shoes and 7 other products you do NOT need

I have a confession. I bought my dog from a pet shop. It was 10 years ago and I didn’t know better, I also didn’t know anything about owning a puppy as can be … [Read More...]

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cinnamon brioche

Cinnamon Sugar brioche. Thank you The Cook and Baker

The best thing about having a blog with no niche or genre is that I can write about whatever I like – this serves me well because I have the attention span of a small gnat on speed. Jumping from anxiety on the weekend, through cuddling your kids yesterday to a recipe today is no […]

Never stop cuddling

The one parenting “duty” you’ll never regret

Snuggle together as long as possible These six words recently won the “Sweetest” section in the the New York Times, Motherlode competition calling for The Best Parenting Advice in 6 Words. It’s awesome parenting advice but I don’t think it’s given enough. Though you will read countless parenting books and listen to exhaustive expert talks, […]

opera house_o


One of the things I remember most vividly about my childhood is being scared. I remember staring out at the playground in primary school and wondering how all these kids would survive a war. I recall lying in my bed at night being terrified, hearing the noise of big trucks and believing they were coming […]

Chris Fleming

“I want this place looking like Disney on Ice”

I am that person you mock, the clean freak (with respect to vegetable growers and Michelle Bridges) who is checking over my shoulder as I open the front door to invite you in, the woman you never want to invite into your own home after you have seen me complaining about the mess in my […]

Will you regret this ?-2

What makes people decide to have kids. Or not?

“If you have any friends over 40 who’re thinking of having children tell them not to do it” he said to me. His conviction was strong even though he was clearly over 40 and in the pram next to him was an adorable, cherub-faced baby boy who looked a little bit like heaven. It wasn’t […]

bacon is carcinogenic

The sky is falling in. Otherwise known as “bacon causes cancer”

If you’ve been on any social media platform today you’ve probably heard people ranting about bacon. Not in the traditional “I love bacon” kind of way but in the more frenzied “help the sky is falling in” kind of way. Processed meats are the new food to hate. The New York Times reports “An international […]