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It’s (hopefully) not the end of the world

My husband has a very difficult job, It’s unrelenting, it’s almost impossible to get it right and it pays nothing. Of course I’m not talking about the billion hours he spends in the office , that’s a breeze compared to the job he has to do of trying to calm my anxiety. Ever since I met Mr Pencil, and way before that I have been a frightened person. I am scared of … [Read More...]

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I was nominated to do this

  I have been nominated for something that I am not even scared of which makes a very good change because ordinarily I run away from nominations lest I have … [Read More...]

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letter h

The worst letter I could ever receive

It's been a hideously unsettling few days for my little family. We've moved into a temporary house for the next 4 weeks while we wait for the new one to stop being a … [Read More...]

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I’m falling apart

“I’ve had an epiphany” my husband screams from the bedroom as I fret in the lounge. I am siting at my computer reading the invoice from the removals company for perhaps the 18th time that day. It is around 9am. “What kind of epiphany?” I manage to mutter thinking for sure he’s going to say [...]


Random thoughts from my very full head

In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately, I’ll let you know that I have been at work. Well I’ve actually been at home but I have been working so I’ve been a really slack blogger. I’ve been writing so many posts for Kidspot that I am almost out of words. Almost.  I’ve actually [...]

7 things

7 things you never knew about me

The other day the beautiful Kat Caravella from Mamma’s Vida tagged me in her Versatile Bloggers Award post – I was so excited to see my name in the same post as Award that I momentarily forgot that I am hate awards and the competition that comes along with them – but more about that [...]

beach 2

Motherhood is really just being the person you are with the person you created

When Little Pencil was just a toddler I was still convinced that parenting was meant to be about memorable parenting moments shared at parks and beaches and other traditional “happy family” places.  I was still at the stage where I judged my parenting experience alongside the fantasies of the pictures of other families I saw. [...]


The white van strikes again

I may or may not have been in a particularly bad mood last night when I was flipping through Facebook and spotted a post which made my previous bad mood seem rather tame. I was in a bad mood because of Tony Abbott and the way he talks about asylum seekers using emotional blackmail, and [...]


When someone tells you your child is lying

There are many things I try to teach my child, almost every day. Ever since he was able to talk I have wanted him to know that what he says is important, his words count and that I believe him. The reasons for this are numerous and obvious – of course he is important and [...]