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1 000 022 things I just don’t get

I will be the first to admit that I have been a little grumpy of late, I will also be the last to talk about it because I am awful at sharing all that personal stuff (which could explain why I am such a shit blogger). Anyway the grumpy and slightly anxious (where slightly means over-the-top) mood means I’ve been pondering over a lot of things I don’t understand (probably … [Read More...]

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the wife drought

When my family went through a wife drought

When I stopped working at my last full time job my husband was insanely happy, probably because he was unhappier when I was at work than I was, and that’s saying … [Read More...]

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little pencil at the beach

Childbirth is never over

I am navigating parenting a teen in much the same way a party goer navigates a breathaliser test on the way home from a big night, dodgily swerving about and praying … [Read More...]

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My to do list is now a blog post. Fancy huh

I have got so much on my mind and so much on my to do list that there is no way I could write a sensible blog post – shhh don’t tell the people at Kidspot where I am writing posts every day. But I have been busy, I have been working A LOT and [...]

new house

Sorry I’m moving into such a beautiful house #notsorry

I suffer (and I use the term very ironically) from white man’s guilt. I was born lucky – white and Jewish in Johannesburg, South Africa with the many trappings of middle class luxury which that brings. I started to feel the guilt pretty much at the same time I was old enough to spell it [...]

6 things

6 things to be very happy about

I realise I have been a little negative lately when talking about my renovation and my temporary homelessness. It’s a bit nauseating considering I am about to move into a beautiful home and most people in the world would wish for “problems” like mine.  But anxiety is a terrible affliction and it doesn’t allow you [...]

stressed pencil

Putting my stresses in little boxes

Tonight when I barked at my husband for the second time in an hour he sent me this text I realised, when I sent a  tweet saying “I am so tense I am almost choking on tooth powder created from grinding my own teeth”, that he was right. I needed little boxes. Mostly I need [...]

fitting room

Oh dear retail sector – the signs are all just wrong

I have solved Australia’s retail issues – okay I haven’t actually solved them but I have been able to pinpoint them which is very excellent news for everyone I am sure. Who needs economists and analysts when you have a woman with a credit card and a mobile phone with camera? Sadly I am pointing [...]

reno house


There are certain everyday rituals that I cling to – for an anxious neurotic like me they make me feel grounded and safe. They are my comforts, my constants, my luxuries and without them I am er, less comfortable, more anxious and way more unhinged. I love closing the curtains at the end of the [...]