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Being present for the joy

It is my son’s 15th birthday today and as such I am sure I am meant to come up with some meaningful and heartfelt post about how awesome he is (because he is). But he’s fifteen now, which means he’s half man and it’s probably not so cool for me to write about him all over the internet (if it ever was). So I’m not going to share with you how awesome he is or how proud of … [Read More...]

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These are the Australians whose voices we need to hear

I was angry when I left the house today to attend the #LetThemStay rally outside the Department of Immigration. I was angry at Malcolm Turnbull, I was incensed by … [Read More...]

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Motherhood is not a challenge

If you are a Facebook user you’ve no doubt been inundated with pictures of other people’s kids going back to school – cute, pretty pictures of gingham dresses and … [Read More...]

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Of all the things to leave behind…

I was actually coping fairly well with the pre-flight stress. I hadn’t spotted anyone who looked likely to blow up our plane (I have been spotting faux hijackers since the late 70’s – I’m a maven like that), we weren’t running late, security and customs had been a breeze. The only real worry I had […]

I can’t call the hairdresser

My absolute hatred of using the phone to make calls is playing havoc with my hair. It’s not that I’m twisting my hair anxiously while I’m trying to pluck up the courage to make a call (I am) and it’s not that the fear has reached the point where it’s falling out but it’s stopping […]

Travel advice for the neurotic

I know I should be excited about going back to South Africa for a week on Friday and I am. I am thrilled that I am going to see my father and step-mother  and I’m going to show my son the country of my birth. I’m spending time with my two sisters and my father and […]

A smug mum once told me…

“I’ll have to wait 11 years before I have a kid free New Year’s Eve again” I overheard a wistful sounding mother say the other day. I felt one of those sentimental pangs you get when your child is no longer a toddler and you’ve embraced that smug “older and wiser” satisfaction you probably don’t […]

Non blogging tips, thank you and the best #5minutes video ever made.

Yesterday I received an email from WordPress which read “Our stats helper monkeys have been busy putting together a personalized report detailing how your blog did in 2015!” which was nice. Problem was you had to click to view the full report online and I couldn’t log in to see because none of my passwords […]

Why I could never celebrate Christmas

Regular readers will know that I am Jewish, this means that I don’t celebrate Christmas. No gifts, no trees, no decorations, no big feast (I do that one often enough). And no, as I outlined in the video below, Chanukah is nothing like Christmas. Nothing. The only similarity is that they both start with a […]