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look for the helpers

It’s been such a hideous week, let’s turn it around

It feels almost redundant to start this post telling you what an awful week it’s been. There isn’t a person who hasn’t felt it – from the siege in Sydney to the terror in Peshawar and the absolute tragedy of eight children murdered in Cairns, it’s been hideous. Horrifying. Scary even. I tried to stay in bed but that didn’t work. The world moves on. Staying under … [Read More...]

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Hearts, Strength, Peace and Hope to the hundreds of families affected in Peshawar.

I’ve read the news headlines countless times. I’ll be honest – I read about skirmishes in in Afghanistan and Pakistan and gloss over them. Sure I am aware of … [Read More...]

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It’s times like these that I let the people I follow on Twitter speak for me

For the longest time I have been petrified of terrorists in the same way that some people are afraid of say spiders or clowns. It's been an irrational fear that has … [Read More...]

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Dear pool man, about that text message…

When I first declared my love for my builder a million six months ago, there were a lot of people that told me that over time I would change my mind, that by the end of the renovation my tune would have changed and I would be cursing and muttering hate filled expletives under my [...]

grand theft auto V

Who would design a game like Grand Theft Auto V? (and why my son will never get to play it in this house)

I am a very lenient mother, there’s not much that my child doesn’t get away with. Added to my leniency and tendency to spoil Little Pencil, there is my husband’s laissez faire attitude to growing up which has resulted in a child who has seen a lot of movies that kids his age should probably [...]

no gender december2

Why I think No Gender December is a crock of shit

baby body

It’ too close to home when it happens on your beach

It’s a beautiful day in Sydney today, blue skies warm temperatures, not a cloud in the sky. I’m looking at my Facebook feed and my friends are celebrating our city, the beauty, the warmth, the “vibe” to quote the classic movie The Castle. But there’s a helicopter over Maroubra beach and as my friend who [...]

be kind

Be kind, even to those who you deem fit to judge

We were in Williams Sonoma surrounded by $350 saucepans and $500 Kitchen Aid contraptions. The environment could best be described as genteel, the dulcet tones of Christmas carols being crooned over the loudspeakers, the smell of freshly baked food in the demonstration kitchen fused with the smell of expensive sprayed scents wafting through the store.  [...]

we are better than this

Make your voice heard, we’re better than this.

On the weekend I noticed a message in my Facebook newsfeed from a friend of mine. It read “Anyone have a scooter they can donate to a young boy in Villawood detention centre?” Yay, I get to get rid of some stuff I thought to myself. My son is spoilt and I am a cleanliness [...]