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Beware of helicopter parenting But not for the reasons you’ve been told…

As I walked into the kitchen I was greeted with the buttery, sweet aroma of fresh pancakes. Scenes of slight chaos played out on the bench top as ingredients from the fridge and the pantry lay scattered on top of each other, mindlessly thrown to the side with the apparent belief that if you continue to ignore them they will disappear, better yet put themselves away, I was … [Read More...]

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The link between anxiety and sugar

As someone who suffers from anxiety I felt both disappointed and reassured to learn of Sarah Wilson’s new book First we Make the Beast Beautiful.   I was … [Read More...]

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It’s time to put my child in the driver’s seat

This morning I realised with a hideous stomach churning lurch that in all likelihood, 2017 will be the last year I'm going to be driving my son to school. The 3:30pm … [Read More...]

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A beauty treatment that actually works

I am obsessed with changing my face. I’m not blaming the media or advertising, this issue I am laying on my poor self esteem and desire for a non-freckled face and perfect eyebrows. I‘ve had dismal results at getting the non-freckled face. Laser, the GDP of a small country spent in face creams, hiding from […]

The best part of parenting: when you stop relying on the internet

I became heavily reliant on the internet when my son was a tiny baby. And I literally mean tiny. He had been termed “failure to thrive”, a hideous diagnosis for any parent to hear. The best support I found was online where groups of mums gathered in forums to provide solace, comfort and advice for […]

The secret to a life of love

Thirty-one years ago my (now) husband saved my teddy bear from certain disaster. We had just finished school and we were in a hotel room celebrating our newfound freedom. I hardly knew him and his rowdy group of friends but, as happens when you are young and carefree, his friends knew my friends and a […]

Petition against petitions

I’m tempted to petition against petitions. And as absurd as that sounds it’s not out of the realms of possibility given some of the things I have seen being signed lately. In the early days of the online petition (and at the risk of sounding like a woman on a rocking chair on the porch […]

Money and profile are not my indicators of success

Here’s another woman whose advice I wont be paying much attention to. Her name is Samantha Ettus and I only know she exists because I read an article about her yesterday which probably gave her all the exposure she wanted. She clearly writes to alienate, in fact she quite smugly suggested she’s already getting hate […]

Here’s a great way to ruin your child’s digital footprint. And their self esteem

Let me tell you something about living with teenagers; it’s Hormone City and that place is not always packed with sunshine and happy times. Teens are moody and emotional underdeveloped adults. They take risks and they rebel against their parents while still leaning on them for support and protection. They sulk, they grunt and they […]