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7 things you never knew about me

The other day the beautiful Kat Caravella from Mamma’s Vida tagged me in her Versatile Bloggers Award post – I was so excited to see my name in the same post as Award that I momentarily forgot that I am hate awards and the competition that comes along with them – but more about that later . The Versatile Bloggers Award basically asks of you to tell your audience seven … [Read More...]

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Motherhood is really just being the person you are with the person you created

When Little Pencil was just a toddler I was still convinced that parenting was meant to be about memorable parenting moments shared at parks and beaches and other … [Read More...]

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The white van strikes again

I may or may not have been in a particularly bad mood last night when I was flipping through Facebook and spotted a post which made my previous bad mood seem rather … [Read More...]

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When someone tells you your child is lying

There are many things I try to teach my child, almost every day. Ever since he was able to talk I have wanted him to know that what he says is important, his words count and that I believe him. The reasons for this are numerous and obvious – of course he is important and [...]


The night a sociopath came to stay

It is a little ironic that a few days after I wrote about not posing a threat to my son’s confidentiality and privacy I took to Twitter to seek help in regards to his behavior. You see up until recently my son has been the most delightful child that you could meet. He’s been loving [...]


Facebook is literally messing with your mind

My son sent me this video the other day – he sent it via email with the subject heading “inspiration”. I am not at all sure what point he was trying to make when he called it that but I really hope that he watched and understood it before he sent it to me. It’s [...]

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Thank God my mother never had Facebook

When I was a little girl I was apparently prone to a tantrum or two and there are a fair few photos of me mid total melt down. I guess being third child my parents thought it funny and tried to capture my ridiculous cuteness on film rather than give me that damn toy I [...]


Getting close to building date.

The building project we are about to embark on is thisclose to happening. Every day we hear that the complying development certificate that we need to start will be ready the next day. We have amassed a following of people to nag the certifier including the draftsman and the builder and if we haven’t nagged [...]


The 14 emails I hate most

  The other day during on of our more scintillating conversations (where more means less) my very close friend Kerri Sackville and I were discussing the relative sizes of our inboxes (where inboxes means the boxes where our email arrive – sorry to disappoint). Kerri won that conversation because her box was bigger than mine [...]