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be kind

Be kind, even to those who you deem fit to judge

We were in Williams Sonoma surrounded by $350 saucepans and $500 Kitchen Aid contraptions. The environment could best be described as genteel, the dulcet tones of Christmas carols being crooned over the loudspeakers, the smell of freshly baked food in the demonstration kitchen fused with the smell of expensive sprayed scents wafting through the store.  You could be forgiven … [Read More...]

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we are better than this

Make your voice heard, we’re better than this.

On the weekend I noticed a message in my Facebook newsfeed from a friend of mine. It read “Anyone have a scooter they can donate to a young boy in Villawood … [Read More...]

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Benjamin Seitz

After her baby dies in a hot car this mum writes the words everyone needs to read

Benjamin Seitz was fifteen months old when his father buckled him into his car seat on a hot summer’s day in Connecticut. It was really hot that day, in fact the … [Read More...]

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motherhood never ends

When does motherhood end?

Yesterday a friend sent me a copy of Jane Caro’s article in the Sydney Morning Herald, an edited extract from Between Us: Women of Letters, edited by Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire. I can only assume that this extract was chosen because it’s a little controversial and it would get people talking. Well at least [...]


I can’t stop thinking about Adnan Syed

So I am addicted. Yes, like a billion or so other people around the internet I have become completely riveted and shamelessly addicted to the Serial Podcast. If you are not aware of what it is all about get right on to it right this minute so you can talk about it with me.  Basically [...]

soup cover

Finding my calm… at the bottom of a bowl of soup

Yesterday was one of those days. Not a good one. My mind was racing, I could not regain my calm. I was snappy. Ready to fight, unable to breathe with ease. And so I cooked.  I cooked to calm myself down because when I am  in the kitchen with loud music and cooking to distract [...]

who are you online

What kind of person are you online?

This morning at work one of the gorgeous women who I work with mentioned she’d had an awful night, she had been awake with her baby every two hours. She was sleep deprived, shattered, headachey (you know that shocking headache you get from not having slept enough?) and quite possibly nauseous from settling a crying [...]

teen blog

I went to a teenage party and I heard the word that I hate most

On Saturday night I was granted brief access back into the hideous world of the teenager. Thrust back into my own years of teenage angst but with my husband by my side (thank god), a drink in my hand that I hadn’t stolen and the knowledge that those horrible teenage years come to an end. [...]


1 000 022 things I just don’t get

I will be the first to admit that I have been a little grumpy of late, I will also be the last to talk about it because I am awful at sharing all that personal stuff (which could explain why I am such a shit blogger). Anyway the grumpy and slightly anxious (where slightly means [...]