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The bazillion things I love about living my life online

You know that feeling when you have so much to say but your blog has been having a few days off at the health farm (ie getting fixed from the silly spammers that hacked it) and then when it comes back all shiny and clean, you forgot what you wanted to say? Funny that, because that’s exactly what happened to me! The one thing I have remembered during this small hiatus that no … [Read More...]

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awake all night

Blogging 101: How to put yourself and your readers to sleep.

I couldn’t sleep last night and I think it is because I have so much to do today. Instead of getting a restful night’s sleep to energise me and prepare me for the … [Read More...]

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teenage years

Adolescence the second time around

You know what’s really hard? Adolescence the second time around. I know what you’re thinking, you didn’t even know that you could go through adolescence a second … [Read More...]

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lana 702

Thank you for having me ABC

My love of Richard Glover is legendary, I’m such a fan that my love extends to all things around him. I’ve loved his wife Debra Oswald since I heard her interview with Richard Fidler and obviously I love her because of Offspring. But not content to stop there I have also developed a serious crush […]



It’s a weird thing when you hear people have been talking about you behind your back and you’re 46 and not at school anymore. It’s even weirder when you get to see what they’re saying about you because its been written online. You see just the other day I found myself on GOMI (Get Off […]


So, some people don’t know who Paul McCartney is…

I keep seeing references to the “fools” who didn’t know who Paul McCartney was when he recently collaborated with Kanye West on the song Only One. Hell, even I wrote about it on Facebook. I was appalled that someone (many someones actually) didn’t know who Paul McCartney was. Everyone knows the Beatles, they were more […]


Answering those annoying Frequently Asked Questions

  Arianna Simon is a rather brilliant 17-year-old from New York who recently created a brilliant solution for navigating tricky family events. Given that Arianna is still a teenager and teens, as I am finding, think that any kind of small talk is lame, she came up with a solution to answering all the regular […]

new year new me

The grinch who thinks your new year resolutions need to change

I hold grave concern for my cheerful nature and sunny disposition. In fact I think I’ve turned into a grinch. A Christmas grinch if you will, because even when I am being a grumpy old nitpicker I like to keep it seasonal. It started in the lead up to Christmas where I was in danger […]

look for the helpers

It’s been such a hideous week, let’s turn it around

It feels almost redundant to start this post telling you what an awful week it’s been. There isn’t a person who hasn’t felt it – from the siege in Sydney to the terror in Peshawar and the absolute tragedy of eight children murdered in Cairns, it’s been hideous. Horrifying. Scary even. I tried to stay […]