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First day back at work. Been in the room

Ever posted something on Facebook that you regret?

Just last week it was reported that Facebook had one billion active users in a day. One billion people logged onto a social media platform to catch up with family and friends, play Candy Crush or connect in some other way. It’s become so much a way of life that I'm guessing a high percentage of those people never even thought about the fact that they were on Facebook – they … [Read More...]

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Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 1.09.10 pm

Do you have any idea how lucky you are?

“I know mum, I know. You remind me every day” my son muttered as I exclaimed how lucky we were. I thought I was muttering under my breath, as I am want to do, but … [Read More...]

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after the storm

The day the storm took away my lifeline

I woke up the morning after the storms to a disaster that the SES could not help. My internet was down. I spoke to a machine at Bigpond and then a woman in India who … [Read More...]

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meal stress

The meal that was two weeks in the making

Today I entered a level of cooking prep that I hadn’t gone to before. Understanding that I regularly cook for big groups of people (thanks extended family) and I cook daily for a fussy vegetarian (myself) , a carb–avoiding man (my husband) and a growing teenager (my son) , I am well versed with cooking […]


This is not what happened when I went to school

Yesterday I went off to a school meeting with all the enthusiasm I could muster for doing anything which means leaving my bed,  that is – none at all. The meeting was to find out more about elective subject choices for Year 9 students and frankly I thought I would struggle to find a more […]

Who are you Anyway

This one’s for you!

I was listening to a podcast by Wil Anderson the other day in which he was chatting to Charlie Pickering. Anderson starts the conversation with a rather direct and tricky question. “Who are you? “ he asks. Charlie replies very hesitantly with lots of pauses and ums and ahs “I’m Charlie Pickering, I’m a comedian […]


The “graphic” photos of newborns

There are some news stories that prompt outrage from me in mere milliseconds. Okay most do. But obviously when I read something that strikes me at a personal level it creates a different level of outrage. It is the kind of thing that in the old days would make me shout, but now that I […]

Haley Morris-Cafiero

Don’t be the person in these photos

I didn’t know how to feel about this when I first saw it, the idea of public shaming is abhorrent to me, more so since reading Jon Ronson’s spectacular book So You’ve Been Publicly  Shamed. But here was a slew of self portrait photographs of a woman who dared to be fat showing the reactions […]

21 signs you are a regular parent

The 21 things regular parents do

When my son was younger I classified myself as a helicopter mum. The label carried no negative implications for me, I believed (and I still do) that my parenting was appropriate for his age. Imagine my horror when I discovered that it wasn’t actual helicopter parenting because “proper” helicoptering means doing his uni assignments and […]