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Is it cheating if you’re not actually reading the book?

My hypochondria started when I was young and I blame the radio. And those awesome little cardboard dolls came with outfits made out of paper that you had to cut out with great precision and fold the tabs over the doll to dress her. You see when I was a little girl and I got sick my mother would buy me one of these doll/clothes combos and leave me to lie in bed with the … [Read More...]

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When do you just let things go. Also known as the end of the thermomix wars

It feels like the whole of Australia knows that I have "issues" with my Thermomix given the absolute huge amount of traction my humble little blog gained when I … [Read More...]

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My Thermomix confession

I'm almost scared to write this post. I feel like I am talking out against the cult. I worry that I'll be ostracized like a leper from a community that prays before … [Read More...]

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“She didn’t want to waste her husband”

Sometimes I pick the nail polish off my nails. It irritates my husband beyond compare and I never understood why – until I witnessed my dear friend Kerri doing it over lunch. It lead us to talking about it – talking about all sorts of bad habits like nail peeling, nail biting, mindless eating, thumb […]

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Nutella French Toast Rolls for the soul

Little Pencil has been sick with the flu for the last week. It’s been a bit awful. He’s been “proper” sick – lying in his bed only moving to come and lie in my bed so that he can watch TV.  He hasn’t even gone downstairs to play x-Box which is more of an indicator […]

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I need to diet so don’t tell me not to. Especially if you’re a size 8

I spend a lot of my time online, I read a lot about body acceptance and self love, I read about diet and nutrition mainly because I am always trying to improve mine. Sadly I have yet to find a diet that advocates eating toast and nutella and drinking sweet, milky tea everyday. The one […]

#5minutes with Kerri and Lana

The time I got into bed with my best friend

Regular readers (my sisters and husband) will know that I have been a bit chatty instead of writing last week I just jabbered away in front of the  camera.  Well, I’ve done it again and chances are I am going to keep doing it – it’s quite addictive this talking stuff and Kerri and I […]


Are our male teachers getting a bad rap?

Last week I wasn’t able to stop reading reports and listening to testimonies from people involved with the Knox School abuse. For those who have not been following, probably those not living in Sydney, students at the “prestigious” boys school on Sydney’s north shore were abused , over a 33-year period from the 1970s until […]


Completely out of my comfort zone….

I’m not even sure how to preface this one because I hate appearing on camera I am better at writing than speaking I hate the sound of my own voice You would think someone with that list of hates would never ever dream of chatting with a friend in front of a camera and then […]