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The real reason I love the rainbow profile pic on Facebook

I'm the first person to knock posts that say things like “Like this post to save this child’s life” or some such other bullshit, Both you and I, and the creator of that post know that liking an image on Facebook ain’t going to do a thing to change anybody’s life, health or living circumstance. Most times the posts are created to create traffic to a page – and they are good at … [Read More...]

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Belle Gibson 60 Minutes

Oh Belle Gibson, I feel so sad

Last night after I watched the Belle Gibson interview on 60 Minutes I went to Facebook saying: "I have left the Belle Gibson feeling really really sad. I know what … [Read More...]

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henry is sleeping

It’s not home without him

I always thought that this house we live in now would be our forever home, I love this place and the thought of ever moving again fills me with panic and dread. But … [Read More...]

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inside out

Inside Out: Girl power and the “forgotten” boys

I can’t help feeling a little sorry for Michelle Collins right now, even though I don’t know her and in fact, before today, had never heard of her. But that’s changing in a big way as I watch my Twitter feed furl out tweet after tweet Michelle Collins bemoans the overabundance of kids films with […]

47 thoughts on my 47th birthday

The most of me you will ever see

It’s my birthday today! Yeehah! I have survived 47 years. That’s a lot of surviving. In honour of the fact that I have made it this far and because I love writing lists here is a list of 47 thoughts on my 47th birthday I am really glad I married my husband I did something […]

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Who are these articles written for? And who is writing them? And why? Just why?

Lord, it must be awful to be famous. To have your life dissected and discussed by every random person with an internet connection or a newspaper. For people who have never met you to have an opinion on aspects of you they’ve never been witness to, to have your hair, makeup, and dress tallied against […]

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My Sepia dreams of being a food blogger

They (whoever they are) say that you can be whatever you want to be and some days I think I want to be a food blogger . It makes sense because I love food and I have a blog. I often try my own hand at creating edible stuff and sometimes it works really well […]

magic cake uncut

The (real) reason I am not a “proper” food blogger

People say that social media is responsible for creating an imbalance in the lives we see portrayed on line, that people who use social media are responsible for showing the “feature reel”, only the good, glossy and perfect bits of our lives. I don’t agree with that, I see an awful lot of the gritty […]

contents of my brain

The contents of my head

I think (and talk) a lot about how much of our children’s lives we should be sharing on social media and with other people. I am all for respect and boundaries. I have chosen to share carefully. Often I make mistakes. I don’t think some “bad” person is going to steal my son’s image or […]