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Not The Bachelor review you’re looking for

There’s s a strange phenomenon that seems to happen every time The Bachelor airs. Thousands of women sit down in front of the TV and tear apart other women under the guise of reviewing or live tweeting the show. I don’t watch The Bachelor because I don’t agree with the premise, I don’t like the concept of dating shows and I am trying desperately to stop hate-viewing/reading … [Read More...]

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My truth about giving up sugar

I am not new to giving up sugar, I gave it up once before and wrote about it here. At the time of writing I had given up for 10 days and I ended my post with the … [Read More...]

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bread recipe

Why I make lunch for my son (and your new favourite bread recipe)

It’s been a while since my parenting has been brought into question by anyone other than my son. Or maybe I just haven’t cared for a while. That’s one of the best … [Read More...]

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this is what I live with

This is what I live with

There is a brilliant segment on James Valentine’s afternoon show on 702 called This is what I live with. “We love our partner. We live with our partner. For richer or poorer, for better or worse and often despite some very peculiar habits. These are real life stories. People put up with the most extraordinary […]

that aint working

On writing for free and other hot button topics

Parenting has certain hot button topics, subjects which you know the mere mention of will incite and inflame “discussion”. So too does blogging, but Instead of sleep training, breastfeeding and childcare the issues that seem to incite the most opinion in the blogging world are advertising, PR requests and payment. The payment thing is not […]

64th Cannes Film Festival - 'Midnight in Paris' Photocall

I’ve never been attracted to blonde men…

It is a truism I have learned through my time writing online that if you write angry you get angry back in return. If you write with empathy you usually get understanding. Being that I am not very good at dealing with anger directed my way, I have always tried to veer away from writing […]


The one thing about parenting you’ll never miss

When you have a new baby and you haven’t slept more than three hours in a night for days on end, you are forgiven for thinking it will never end. It seems impossible to believe that months (okay maybe years) later you will find yourself creeping into your child’s room at night to watch them […]

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The real reason I love the rainbow profile pic on Facebook

I’m the first person to knock posts that say things like “Like this post to save this child’s life” or some such other bullshit, Both you and I, and the creator of that post know that liking an image on Facebook ain’t going to do a thing to change anybody’s life, health or living circumstance. […]

Belle Gibson 60 Minutes

Oh Belle Gibson, I feel so sad

Last night after I watched the Belle Gibson interview on 60 Minutes I went to Facebook saying: “I have left the Belle Gibson feeling really really sad. I know what she did was awful, illegal and immoral and there are people suffering real sickness that is way worse because of her. I do not condone […]