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who are you online

What kind of person are you online?

This morning at work one of the gorgeous women who I work with mentioned she’d had an awful night, she had been awake with her baby every two hours. She was sleep deprived, shattered, headachey (you know that shocking headache you get from not having slept enough?) and quite possibly nauseous from settling a crying baby for hours on end. She needed coffee, sympathy and a … [Read More...]

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teen blog

I went to a teenage party and I heard the word that I hate most

On Saturday night I was granted brief access back into the hideous world of the teenager. Thrust back into my own years of teenage angst but with my husband by my … [Read More...]

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1 000 022 things I just don’t get

I will be the first to admit that I have been a little grumpy of late, I will also be the last to talk about it because I am awful at sharing all that personal stuff … [Read More...]

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the wife drought

When my family went through a wife drought

When I stopped working at my last full time job my husband was insanely happy, probably because he was unhappier when I was at work than I was, and that’s saying something. I was stressed and unhappy when I resigned which is obviously the reason that I left. I was working because I wanted to, [...]

little pencil at the beach

Childbirth is never over

I am navigating parenting a teen in much the same way a party goer navigates a breathaliser test on the way home from a big night, dodgily swerving about and praying for the best while trying to keep everyone safe. And alive I recently read a line from a book that I am dying to [...]


My to do list is now a blog post. Fancy huh

I have got so much on my mind and so much on my to do list that there is no way I could write a sensible blog post – shhh don’t tell the people at Kidspot where I am writing posts every day. But I have been busy, I have been working A LOT and [...]

new house

Sorry I’m moving into such a beautiful house #notsorry

I suffer (and I use the term very ironically) from white man’s guilt. I was born lucky – white and Jewish in Johannesburg, South Africa with the many trappings of middle class luxury which that brings. I started to feel the guilt pretty much at the same time I was old enough to spell it [...]

6 things

6 things to be very happy about

I realise I have been a little negative lately when talking about my renovation and my temporary homelessness. It’s a bit nauseating considering I am about to move into a beautiful home and most people in the world would wish for “problems” like mine.  But anxiety is a terrible affliction and it doesn’t allow you [...]

stressed pencil

Putting my stresses in little boxes

Tonight when I barked at my husband for the second time in an hour he sent me this text I realised, when I sent a  tweet saying “I am so tense I am almost choking on tooth powder created from grinding my own teeth”, that he was right. I needed little boxes. Mostly I need [...]