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domestic violence

This is what they need to be learning at school

It’s become almost just words now we hear it so often. 31 women killed in Australia this year, 32 women killed in Australia this year – and now we are at 33. April has not yet ended. It’s not the total amount of women that have died in Australia, it’s not the number of people dead from freak accidents or hideous diseases. It’s the number of women killed as a result of … [Read More...]

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Mentally ill or evil

Mentally ill or evil?

I am no Pollyanna, everyone who knows me knows that . I am the master of thinking of and fearing the worst possible scenario in my head, I am a nervous worrier and I … [Read More...]

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What I wish you knew about teachers

In a previous life, many incarnations of Lana ago, I was a primary school teacher. Not a “big school” teacher but an infants teacher – I loved (still do) little … [Read More...]

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Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.30.38 am

The compromising photos we probably shouldn’t see

You know that a post may be terribly misinterpreted when you start to write the disclaimer before you’ve even really clarified your thoughts… but here it is. This post is not meant to stand in judgement of anyone who reads it, it’s my view which may be different to yours at best or wrong at […]

Lucky nail tips avoided getting painted

A fate worse than half picked nails

There are few things I find as tedious as having my nails done. I know it’s a real first world problem but right now I am on holiday and trying to immerse myself only in the problems of the first world type (although to be honest I find it hard to stop thinking about asylum […]


5 minutes with Kerri and Lana: The birth experience I never had

A couple of weeks ago there was a ridiculous meme making its way around the Internet written by an almost hilariously ridiculous group who are clearly either attention seeking, satirical or downright bonkers. The meme that caused the big stir was accompanied by the words “Pregnancy is a beautiful thing as it is the zenith […]

gratitude journal

I’d be really grateful if you read this

I loathe self-help books, I don’t like to be told how to feel and process things – especially by people who don’t know me or what I have been through. I don’t believe in many alternative “new-age” ways of thinking, mainly because I fiercely believe in science and I am not the kind of person […]

fashion blogger

The real reason I will never be a fashion blogger

The other day I was having lunch with some friends when they asked me why I was making videos with Kerri. Not why in a mean way, but rather in a “to what end” kind of way. I stopped to think. We first kind of decided to make the videos on a whim mainly because […]

paper doll

Is it cheating if you’re not actually reading the book?

My hypochondria started when I was young and I blame the radio. And those awesome little cardboard dolls came with outfits made out of paper that you had to cut out with great precision and fold the tabs over the doll to dress her. You see when I was a little girl and I got […]