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What I didn’t know about Japan

I wasn’t really excited about going to Japan, I like my bed and I didn’t want to be too far from it. I was actually quite frightened about travelling to a country with a population of over 127 million people, I’m not a fan of people and I particularly hate crowds. But everyone I spoke to and everything I read convinced me that Japan was an incredible destination. And they … [Read More...]

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Beware of helicopter parenting But not for the reasons you’ve been told…

As I walked into the kitchen I was greeted with the buttery, sweet aroma of fresh pancakes. Scenes of slight chaos played out on the bench top as ingredients from … [Read More...]

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The link between anxiety and sugar

As someone who suffers from anxiety I felt both disappointed and reassured to learn of Sarah Wilson’s new book First we Make the Beast Beautiful.   I was … [Read More...]

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It’s time to put my child in the driver’s seat

This morning I realised with a hideous stomach churning lurch that in all likelihood, 2017 will be the last year I’m going to be driving my son to school. The 3:30pm pick-up will also soon be a memory of the past. And the loss is as profound as it is humbling (and heartbreaking). There are […]

A beauty treatment that actually works

I am obsessed with changing my face. I’m not blaming the media or advertising, this issue I am laying on my poor self esteem and desire for a non-freckled face and perfect eyebrows. I‘ve had dismal results at getting the non-freckled face. Laser, the GDP of a small country spent in face creams, hiding from […]

The best part of parenting: when you stop relying on the internet

I became heavily reliant on the internet when my son was a tiny baby. And I literally mean tiny. He had been termed “failure to thrive”, a hideous diagnosis for any parent to hear. The best support I found was online where groups of mums gathered in forums to provide solace, comfort and advice for […]

The secret to a life of love

Thirty-one years ago my (now) husband saved my teddy bear from certain disaster. We had just finished school and we were in a hotel room celebrating our newfound freedom. I hardly knew him and his rowdy group of friends but, as happens when you are young and carefree, his friends knew my friends and a […]

Petition against petitions

I’m tempted to petition against petitions. And as absurd as that sounds it’s not out of the realms of possibility given some of the things I have seen being signed lately. In the early days of the online petition (and at the risk of sounding like a woman on a rocking chair on the porch […]

Money and profile are not my indicators of success

Here’s another woman whose advice I wont be paying much attention to. Her name is Samantha Ettus and I only know she exists because I read an article about her yesterday which probably gave her all the exposure she wanted. She clearly writes to alienate, in fact she quite smugly suggested she’s already getting hate […]