Lana Hirschowitz learned to read and write in South Africa and after gaining a Bachelors degree in Education she taught children to do the same. She emigrated to Australia in 1991 and only looked back once (when her family started to follow her).

Lana was an early adopter of social media using it to hide from interacting with real people until she joined Mia Freedman as the first employee of Mamamia. She went on to become Managing Editor at Mamamia where her favourite job was creating a thriving and dedicated community, that and opening the parcels that sometimes arrived at the front desk.

In 2012 Lana launched iVillage in Australia (under the auspices of Mamamia) but left the organisation in 2013 to concentrate on freelancing, blogging, tweeting and instagramming photos of her dinner and her dog – two of her healthiest obsessions.

Here’s where you can find her now


Huffington Post

Women's Agenda


Australian Women's Weekly


Essential Kids


If you want to talk to me send her an email you can reach her on lana@sharpestpencil.com.au

Oh, and while you are online, you can follow her on Facebook  here. She promises not to speak in the third person there.