My Sepia dreams of being a food blogger

They (whoever they are) say that you can be whatever you want to be and some days I think I want to be a food blogger . It makes sense because I love food and I have a blog.

I often try my own hand at creating edible stuff and sometimes it works really well and sometimes it fails miserably. It is clear that there is more to food blogging than trying, sometimes succeeding and often failing to cook. So I decided to go a step further – I would eat gorgeous food made by other people and photograph it for my blog.

Only problem is that I am not a crash hot photographer, I know Nothing (with an intentional capital N) about editing images, exposure and lens stuff, added to which I am almost criminally lazy when it comes to doing anything with photos other than loading them on to the computer.

But that didn’t stop me from taking photos of almost everything when we went for the fanciest dinner at Sepia last night.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was an incredibly awesome meal marred only by the fact that I felt ridiculously guilty eating such expensive food especially when I saw a homeless man outside the restaurant.

The divide between rich and poor, the haves and have nots is way worse than my food photography could ever be.

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  1. Lana, the meal sounds nice and yes we have a huge gap between rich and poor in this country and it grows wider all the time. But an occasional treat at a nice restaurant isn’t a crime. You work hard and indeed you are a caring person that helps others so allow your conscience to be clear. The other thing is that by you eating and enjoying your meal you enabled the chef, the cooks and the service staff to earn a living,

    Ciao for now,


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