My truth about giving up sugar

I am not new to giving up sugar, I gave it up once before and wrote about it here. At the time of writing I had given up for 10 days and I ended my post with the words “I am discovering a new way of eating, not feeling fantastic YET but at least my focus is expanding (and hopefully my waist isn’t)”.  I think I ate some nutella soon after that. The no sugar thing didn’t last. Maybe I didn’t give it long enough back then.

But this time I have.

I joined Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Programme about 6 weeks ago and never followed the meal plan because I am fussy. But I did follow the premise and I cut out all sugar. I even cut out sweet tasting food and I stopped drinking diet coke. You have no idea what a huge step that was for me. Diet coke was my oxygen and I gave it up. I felt like I should be given a ticker tape parade to reward my bravery. But, to be honest, I would be loathe to attend the parade because going out without diet coke seems sad and lonely and unfulfilling.

It has been hard and horrible this no sugar thing. I am a fussy vegetarian – my protein sources are limited and I have a natural and ingrained distaste for “healthy” foods and a moral allergy to superfoods. I sound charming and fun to hang out with don’t I?

Six weeks later and people are asking me how I feel, this combination of no sugar and giving up the allegedly poisonous diet coke should have made a huge difference in my life right?

Let me answer ALL the questions

Have you lost weight ?

I do believe that I am the only person in history who didn’t lose weight cutting out sugar. Impressive in the worst way.

Does your skin look better?

 Yes it does! But let’s be honest, I have just completed a course of IPL and the results have been er, pleasing.

Do you feel better mentally?








Surely you feel better physically?

Do you still crave sugar?

Do you feel smug and sanctimonious?

No, I feel like a donut.







So yeah, it’s not quite what I thought it would be. But I am persisting. Because clearly I believe in miracles.

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  1. This does NOT give me hope Lana … I’ve been low-sugar for a few weeks and I was hoping for BENEFITS. Tonight I’m trying a Dry last-few-days-of July … wish me luck.

  2. We do low refined and added sugar. That’s as good as it gets in our house! Still doesn’t stop me on a chocolate binge every so often, but hey? If you can’t enjoy chocolate, real chocolate with sugar, what’s the point in life I ask? lol

  3. I’ll reserve my comment after I watch #thatsugarfilm I couldn’t do it – low sugar yes but all sugar – no!

    • All sugar is just meant to be temporary – till my tastes change and I don’t crave it. Looks like it will be a few years ….

  4. It’s about moderation as most decent Dietitians and Trainers focusssed on a happy and healthy life, not just skinny life will tell you. Forget the extremes and craving and cut back, rather than cutting out.

    • The cutting out is just a temporary thing – the IQS programme reintroduces sweet foods slowly… But I am still in the craving phase xx

  5. Congrats for quitting that vile fizzy beverage. It’s almost as challenging as giving up crack! As a fussy (very), mostly vego you might like some of my savoury recipes to keep you going Can’t wait for the next update in your sugar experience.

  6. I’ve done the IQS program twice and gone from a Max Brenner multiple times a week girl to having no interest in anything as sweet as that as it just tastes like eating straight out of a sugar bowl to me and it’s sickly. I still eat sugar but much less and more 70% or 85% dark chocolate and muffins with a bit of maple syrup rather than a cup of sugar. Personally I notice if I have sugar now it makes me feel frenetic and irritable. I don’t think it changed my life but I definitely think it’s worthwhile doing and after some time you might notice your tastebuds changing. I think 6 weeks isn’t long enough 😉

  7. Amandarose says:

    I strongly believe in giving up nothing. I have lost over 10 since the beginning of June by just eating less in general. I try and not eat as much at work which is easy as I am so busy I don’t have time to miss eating and I don’t miss out on weekends. if we go to a BBQ I just don’t eat much during the day. It is the most success Inhave been at losing weight and I don’t really have plan- just less.
    I understand your diabetic so cutting out sugar is a good idea but for sanity ai say the odd delicious treat stops you overeating. Have a small square off good dark chocolate – That hits a treat receptor and has the added bonus of lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

  8. I’m 21 days diet coke sober and that’s a bloody nuff for me. Coke is like coke only way more addictive. I feel nothing different, mostly because I just feel nothing. Diet coke clearly took my soul. x

  9. I have the worst diet coke addiction, please tell me how you managed it.

    I feel like I could give up almost anything else in my life but that. I’ve just had to reach for a mouthful (oh and chocolate frog) just thinking about the possibility.

    • I wish I had advice. I just stopped and it remains the hardest thing I have ever given up. I used to drink the stuff before breakfast and long after dinner. I now drink sparkling water and am a lot more grumpy. Good luck xx


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